Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 things you do simply because you're desperate

1.Went to the pool yesterday. Wasn't creative enough to think of a dinner to bring down (pretty tired of pb&j's), so thought I'd get some cheap, nasty, snack bar food. Turns out the snack bar doesn't open until school's out. Here I am with 3 starving kids, a bag of pretzels, and a husband who won't be home until 7 (it was 4:30).., AND, I didn't want to walk back home. So I paid almost $20 for a delivered pizza from Dominoes that left us hungry! Oooh, that made me mad. Tried not to think about how much each bite was costing me. };

2. I was in the middle of unpacking a box and June came up to me with snot clear down to her chin. I told her to "quick" (why do we always say that to our kids?) and bring me some toilet paper to wipe her nose. I almostly instantly forgot my request. She comes back about a minute later with the whole roll in her chubby little hand.

3. We had our 1st Virginia rainstorm since we lived here, today. So fun to watch the rain POUR down, to hear the thunder get closer and closer, and to watch the kid's face each time. I made cookies and was in the middle of dinner when I finally agreed to let 'em play in it. I couldn't keep them out of the kitchen and would rather wash a few wet outfits than deal with a disaster of a house and 3 bored kids.
"I don't like this, Mom!"

This pic was actually taken earlier when Cole first came home from school and the rain started. I found him back there as happy as can be talking to himself, hand gestures and all, soaked.
-On another note, after I finished my run this morning I came home and to my surprise, found everyone still asleep. I had to document it (maybe i've been documenting too much lately??) as a reminder of the funny sleep patterns..or styles, of my fam.
Maybe it's the move, but June's been getting into bed with us every morning around 5. Drives me nuts, but Geof loves it.
Dayne usually ends up off the bed, but at least leaves her head clear of any coverings in order to breathe (unlike her brother, below).
Cole almost ALWAYS sleeps this way. Legs hanging out, head and body tangled up in covers. How he does it? I'll never know..


Lindsay said...

ahhh so cute. i thoroughly enjoyed this post. it warms my little heart. you go running girl. i wish i was as dedicated. speaking of, my race is tomorrow. ill probably come in last. oh well. can we please hang out sometime???

Emily said...

I just love that you live close enough to a swim pool to walk there, no fair! I'm with you on the raining, wet clothes for kids thing. Sometime I force myself to suck it up and let them go out, I mean these are the things childhood is made of geez, but other times I'm nazi mom and won't stand for it! How to find the balance? I'm glad you did!
Did you tell Geof. about the pizza? Did he flip?!!! Where's our 5 buck blackjack!?!

J9 said...

Fun post! Here's what I do for pool food.....I keep sandwich meat and cheese and ritz crackers or bread on hand along with some type of fruit. I can't stand pbj's! I have a cooler with wheels that I load up every day and take with me. I even have the reusable ice packs in the freezer. It usually takes me about 2 min. to throw it all in the cooler before we go!

Lisa said...

I loved the "why do we always tell our kids quick" part. I do that too, but in my experience the only things they do quickly are the things they want to do.

Jessica said...

Looks like fun jumping in the rain. I'm sorry about the pizza fiasco, that would make me mad too. I get so sick of trying to figure out what to eat everyday and half the time it is the ol' pb&j.

Rocia said...

i totally remember cole sleeping with a blanket over his face when he was so so tiny. he totally loved it and still does?! i miss that little guy and i miss you. are you coming to california this summer?

texaspencers said...

Atleast im not the only one sleeping on the floor. Dillon turned 1 and has been sleeping in my bed for the last 9 months, which puts me and Alex on a futon on the floor at the foot of the bed. Ive been there so long a bed doesn't feel comfortable anymore. How does Cole breathe sleeping like that??