Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Look at that face! Poor June was so upset that number one, we had to come home from the pool on Memorial Day for naptime, and number two, because when she woke up, her right eye looked like someone had socked her! Those darn mosquitos! We were almost ready to sit down for dinner, and all she wanted was some more time in her floaty.

I'm thinking of doing a half marathon in Sept. Kind of a motivator to really get in shape. We'll see how well training goes in the dead of Richmond's summer, however-without an indoor treadmill. I'm hoping I can get myself out the door early enough to run before the 90+ degrees and thick humidity hits. It's not easy when I keep forgetting to not eat chocolate late at night! Monday night we had a campire in our friend's back yard and roasted smores. I couldn't say no. I always pay for it, though. My dreams were unusually detailed, and I woke up.., well TRIED to wake up, very groggy. I had wanted to get out the door running at 6:30, but it didn't happen. So the girls and I walked Cole to school and then I pushed them in the double jogger. Not fun. How do you train with a big load like that?? When we got home, I treated them with otter pops for being so good and quiet while I ran. Poor Dayne has to put up with me "silencing" her every time I'm in the middle of a hard workout. "Don't talk to me now, Dayne. I can't breathe, Dayne. Quiet Dayne!"
I dunno, talking gets me out of my rythm, I guess.



Mindi said...

Darla, I love the video. Are you going to post videos instead of pictures now that Geof. has the camera during the day? It is a great idea, I need more videos of my kidos.

The Gilberts said...

You read my mind about the 1/2 marathon. I'm trying to prepare for one in August here in Mountain View. I've already "announced" it to my fellow like-minded moms so hopefully dread of being called a 'liar' will keep me at it and hopefully the others running with me there will make it somewhat fun. Good luck with training. As far as early morning running .. I have to agree that running w/o a stroller is the way to go, though I will not always be lucky enough to have Justin around to help me.. so I'll have to make do

Emily said...

Poor June! It's hard being 2. I'm way impressed with your half-marathon aspirations...we need to figure out a way that I can physically benefit from your hard work! I'm sure you'll be able to do it. And of course the video of Dayne singing and June is far too cute. Dayne can actually carry a tune (although that's not surpising since both of her parents can sing) but it's not everyday that child that young can really sing well. Impressive! When is Cole out of school? How is he doing changing teachers and classmates anyhow? He doesn't seem like the type to mind, which is a good thing.

Gina said...

Dayne is going to be a singer just like her mom. I am so glad you are snapping pictures again. That is something you love to do. Trampoline, camera, furniture, job, = blessings