Monday, May 4, 2009

nails and cars

The first pic is sideways, I know...blogger won't let me change it. On Dayne's bday, Le Anne and Ellynn so kindly agreed to babysit Junie and Cole so Dayne and I could go on a little date. We went to Wal-mart, picked out a baby doll, two different nail polish colors, and then drove to a nearby park to paint toe and finger nails. I imagined Dayne and I sitting in the grass with her legs up on mine while we talked about girl stuff and I painted her nails. Instead, she ran around chasing the ducks IN BETWEEN toe and nail painting-which she insisted on doing herself. Figures. That's my girl. Her nails were a mess, but she was happy.

On another note; we're selling our Subaru. It's been a good little car, but we don't wanna drive it back to Richmond, and I do love the space a mini-van provided. Last week I washed the car up real nice inside and out and Cole gave it hugs while I tried taking pics for craigslist. He's more sentimental than I thought!


Emily said...

What a great mommy/daughter outing idea! Though I busted a gut when you went on to describe Dayne's version of the event...sometimes our best laid plans don't go how we want, especially when kids are part of the process. But good for you for letting her do it her way, I need to do that more often instead of forcing. Not good.
Your Suby is almost as cool as ours, just kidding it looks way nicer and probably sounds and runs better as I'm sure you well remember having borrowed it last year. Sad you have to leave it behind, but I can imagine it's a bit squishy. Why are my comments always so dad-gone long? Whatever. K bye.

Arah said...

is it from you or your kids?
I have lots of blogs I follow that have some really cute ideas. Just depends on how kiddish you want to be. said...

You're killin' me!! I love reading your blog. The way you write things makes me laugh... in a good way:) i really like reading your blog! Good luck with going back to richmond, exciting you you guys.