Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last week we went to a nearby Tulip Festival. It was mostly rainy, but still beautiful. The kids LOVE being with their WA cousins.

We leave Monday night for Richmond. We're flying red eye! Lots cheaper that way..wish me luck. }; Geof. found a home in a good area (a rental) we're excited. The kids are very anxious to see Daddy.


Emily said...

Those tulips are gorgeous. I almost want to cry a little for you guys, leaving family behind and all! Sometimes it's exhausting to live so close, but mostly it's just nice. And built-in cousin friends are great! Anyhow, SO glad to hear you got a house, I assume it's the one we talked about the other day? I'm excited for you guys too! and so is Derek. And I can't wait to again live vicariously through you and your back east adventures. They are SO lucky to have you back!
PS Maui in January??!! Claire's probably joining us too now.

Mindi said...

Oh, I love that tulip festival. I wish we could have joined you. Good luck getting packed up and rolling out on the red eye. Geez, when are we going to see you guys again?

julie said...

....are those tulips awesome or what? oh nuts.. i reeeeeeaaaaallllllly wanted to see you before you left, but i'm so glad everything is falling into place for you guys.

Gina said...

I am glad that I saw you more in the last month than I have the entire time you lived here. How pathetic. I am really glad that things have fallen into place. You really deserve it, you have been as strong as a rock!
ps. please post that picture of us on FB. Even though I was boyish in it.