Thursday, May 21, 2009

no pics

Geof uses my camera for his job-all day long. He tells me I can use it at night. What? I take pics throughout the day, like this morning- when Dayne and June were as happy as clams riding their bikes on our street after we dropped Cole off from school. Do you know how GREAT it is to have a street to ride our bikes on?(no offense Gma and Gpa, yours was a hill) And to have the sun out every day since we've been here..we've love Richmond weather. I miss my camera. Maybe I'll be a sneaky wife and find a good deal on ebay and buy it without telling Geof. Or, maybe not. Geof. wouldn't think that was funny or cute, no matter how HOT I try to look when he gets home from work (or how nice the meal is). We'll just have to wait and see how this job goes and if he feels sorry enough for me and the fact that I can't snap pics for the blog. For any of you who know Geof., this won't happen-EVER.
The house is coming together, though. So happy, am I! (yoda?). I've put the remaining boxes in the play room and shut the door and it's as if the house is done. So nice. Our friends out here are sooo great. Have I mentioned that before? We have a great kitchen table, an awesome comfy chair with ottoman, a BED! All thanks to them...AND, an offer to help me paint my house! I can't wait. Not that I'm excited to have to move all my furniture around, but it'll be nice to have some color on the walls rather than the colorless (really, there IS no name for what's goin' on) we're dealing with right now.
And Cole's school? So great! The first day I went to pick him up, everyone was so friendly and he already has a playdate set up for today. And I can NOT wait for the pool to open. Now, if I can just read back through this post, and many others I've typed up, and remember how blessed I am, than happy I'll be, forever.


Gina said...

I want to thank you for teaching me how to more fully use my camera by playing with it and leaving those awesome pictures for me to figure out how you did it.
It sounds like you are doing really well! And I really really know what you mean by a regular street to ride bikes.
God bless you Darla.

amberJ said...

You're ALIVE...ALIVE!!!! Ummm, can I just say (while wiping the tears from my eyes) how much you are missed.
I'm happy things are working out for you and the family.
Church just isn't the same. I think I may be going in-active. Hahaha. NEVER!
Anyhow...cui de te mucho amigo de oro. (Did I say that right? Can you double check my Spanish for me?) Hahaha!

Emily said...

I'm so happy that you're so happy there! You guys deserve all the best things in life and I'm just sure you'll be getting them! I can't wait to see what's in store for you.
(and just FYI, I fully support the secret camera #2 buying, but don't tell Geof. I said that)

Lindsay said...

in response to this blog post, i have something for you. 2 things actually. come and get em!!! hahaha.