Monday, May 25, 2009

this is us now

a few things: We bought a trampoline off craigslist for $40~ We're excited! Geof came home after running a million lame errands Sat. morning and put it up with the kids and some of their friends from the ward who live close by. What a treat! These pics are not in order at all, and some of them even in the wrong spot. Oh well. June's been pretty interested in the toilet for some time now, and I figure, why not throw potty training into the hectic, crazy schedule that we have goin' on? Why not..? }-;
She was so happy that she ran around the house with Cole's (yes, Cole's) big boy underwear, jumping on her bed, spinning in circles in the family room. We'll see how this goes..
My TWO big girls. Now this'll be the trick: get June potty-trained, have her sleep in underwear, and convince my 2 eldest that they too can go through the night dry. Come on!!
Yea for underwear!
Sat. morning while Geof and Dayne were running errands, Cole, June, and I went on a walk to our friend's garage sale. Here Cole's trying to tell me some story (which I apparently didn't listen too well to) and I'm snapping pics at his cute facial expressions. Sorry Cole, I'll really try not to take pics of you when you're trying to have a heart to heart talk.

Here's proof that June does wear clothes during the day. This outfit didn't last long, however. She got a rootbear icee at our friend's house and almost instantly ruined that pretty top.

Don't know what the hand on the head gesture means..I think he's trying to remember something. Darn it, I should of listened!

"Okay, fair enough. You can take pics of me, Cole."

Look at our neighbors beautiful grass. It's alright. I'm okay with dirty feet tracked in my home all day long.
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Emily said...

A trampoline?! What fun! My kids would die for a trampoline. Cole is so funny, just like Owen with the story-telling. Are his as lengthy as Owen's?! and with lots of repeating words trying to get it right? Just wondering. Oh ya, and good luck with potty-training June. Let me know if you get your other 2 trained at night and how you did it! We've given up. Again.!

Gina said...

You know how to get the deals!!!
Missed you at church.
With no grass you don't have to mow, right? You are making a beautiful home for your family, your family is lucky to have you. I think they know that already.