Saturday, June 6, 2009

us, now..

Oh that's a cute face, Cole. He climbs everything in sight and then decides when he wants us to help him by screaming for all the world to hear. No, he was not that high up, and yes, Geof. gave in and helped him down. little stinker.. We went to the Strawberry Faire (that's how they spelled it..why? anyone know?) today in Ashland, Virginia-an old railroad town about 20 min. north. It was okay. I wore my strawberry skirt just in case.., but I didn't see the strawberry fields where the berries were picked-only vender after vender of things I didn't want or need. It was nice to get out, though. Dayne must need some one on one mommy/dayne time. She insisted on holding my hand most of the day.
Good pic, Dayners!
Sweet girl. Dayne's not one to pose for pics and I can rarely get her to freeze long enough for any. This one turned out cute, though.
Before we left for the fair, the kids found Cole's costumes that we still haven't completely unpacked, and each tried one on. Fun pic. Cole was good with the girls today. When we got home Geof. and I were so exhausted, all we wanted to do was lay on our new bed (yes, we purchased a REAL, new, warranty and all, bed!). Cole and the girls played so happily in his room for more than an hour. It was a little bit of unexpected heaven.
June's not a baby anymore! She doesn't pose or smile on the spot like she used too. Mostly just squints her eyes when I ask her to smile for the camera. Tickling always helps.

Dayne's been asking me EVERY day since we moved here if she can paint. That was one of the first things she found unpacking. I couldn't bring myself to take on that task until a few days ago. The house was clean (enough), and June was asleep. She sat there painting for a good hour by herself. As happy as can be..
Why didn't I do this before??


Gina said...

I think your kids are beautiful! Just like their mommy.

lindsey said...

yes, i never want the mess of painting (or play-doh), but the kids are always so peaceful while doing it! i need to get over that. your dolls are darling. thank you for the sweet comments you left for me...