Thursday, June 11, 2009

Can I repeat it? We love it here!

Here's a random photo to start off this post. I find Dayne hidden on the side of our couch all the time reading her books. She's hysterical! Last Sunday the lady sitting behind us in the pew told me afterward that Dayne had her in stitches reading aloud in her own "language" all the Sacrament Mtg. And then there's me sitting next to her, "Dayne, whisper!"...20 seconds later, "Dayne, that's not a whisper. Whisper!". This went on throughout the whole mtg. Yes, I could of just taken her book, but it kept her happy. Funniest girl, ever!

Sunday we took the kids to Maymont Park. We love this place. An old plantation that was donated to the city and is now a free park/zoo sort of place. It's wonderful, beautiful, and the kids are always happy here. Look at Cole. Doesn't he look happy? (;

I'm happy with my camera, really, I am. Isn't it kinda lame how quick technology changes, though? Now I see other people's professional looking pics and mine seem pretty lame in comparison. Oh well..
Our picnic at the park. I'm a lame picnicker. I need some new ideas since we have pb&j's, watermelon, chips, and juice boxes pretty much every time.
Look at that bald eagle perched on Geof.'s hand! Just incredible. Really, it was!We would of seen the whole park had it not been for this little one insisting on pushing the stroller the whole time. Should of gotten the pic of the load she was pushin' 95% of the time: Dayne.
-Cole's last day of school is tomorrow! Can't believe it. We'll be spending our days at the pool, walking everywhere.., and just enjoying our time in VA. Today I was talking to a man at the pool who said he'd never been anywhere other than VA, West Virginia, and possibly Kentucky? He said he'd love to live out west. I told him to go! What does he have to lose? I'm so glad Geof. and I made the decision to come out here. I remember our first week or two here (when we initially moved out, in '07). We all felt a little panicky because we knew NO ONE. Here we had just moved from Provo, where we were all the same, everyone knew everyone, etc. It was scary! But we soon made friends and learned a great deal. I think the best part was we became closer as a family. And we came to appreciate friendships a lot more. We love and miss our family, but are so excited for our time here in Richmond. Please come and visit!! (;


Lisa said...

I love that picture of Dayne. I love it when kids find little corners or cozy kid sized spots and claim it as their own secret space. I wish I could do that! Maybe I'll claim under the computer desk.

Mindi said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are happy. When can we get out there? Soon, I hope. Maybe we could drive. Ha ha, our four kids on such a road trip would be the end of me, I;m sure.

Jessica said...

I love the eagle picture. Geof, you are such a natural with the animals! June bugs dress is adorable. I am glad you guys are happy.

Emily said...

I'm up for PBJ's and watermelon any day, WHEN I come to visit I fully expect the picnic works...Can I even handle June's belly in the blog title pic? NO, it looks just like I remember Cole AND Dayne's looking.
So glad you're loving it there and so glad Geof.'s home with you to enjoy it, not flying all over heck and gone, right?! No more Pilot's Wife!