Saturday, September 12, 2009

Darla and co. camping

I just sent Darla off camping for the weekend with two of her girlfriends, and thought I'd make a list of the things I saw packed away for the 2 night 3 day outing.

1. one computer with several episodes of project runway downloaded.
2. two power inverters.
3. three digital cameras.
4. three coolers
5. two tents
6. six (that's right) six sleeping bags
7. three bags of clothing perhaps better suited for a weeks excursion
8. A beach umbrella and I believe they did bring a boogie board.
9. I think that's all they brought other than the stove and other miscellaneous essentials i.e. kitchen sink.

I hope they're not wanting. Luckily the camp site is near a town and if they start to become emaciated they can go to Denny's.


Emily said...

Ba-ha-ha Geof.!
I don't see any problem with that list, sounds reasonable to me...

J9 said...

As the wife of a scoutmaster, I have to say that girls are incredibly more prepared than boys....even if they do claim their motto is "Be Prepared"! Sounds like a perfect camping trip to me! Can't wait for pictures, Darla!

Gina said...

THis is great! I would have to say, I would not be bringing all that stuff, my big thing would be food food food.

Lindsay said...

hahahaha, that is so funny. the best listed item was the 6 sleeping bag. i dont know why we thought we needed so many. hahaha