Monday, September 7, 2009

School starts tomorrow for Cole. We (Geof. and I) are excited. It's time. School started 2 weeks ago for me. I'm taking a math class and an intro. to Child Development something or other (online). I might drop the online course, but I LOVE the math class. Great teacher. We had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. Our kids appreciate our evening bike rides and it's a good way to end the night. We went to the temple last weekend with the babies. We traded off babysitting and they were very good. They loved being there. We spent the rest of the day in D.C. and they kept asking us to go back to the temple. Beautiful.

Cole asking about the angel Moroni.

These pics aren't clear. What's up? I shouldn't have to buy a $600 camera to get decent pics, right?
Oh Dayne. What more can I say? She wants to be 15. So scary. She's very interested in clothes-especially the kind that I don't want her wearing-EVER! Why??

She's soo so so so so, so cute, and knows it. June's talking like crazy now and gets excited over if we're ever in any place where we need to control our voices, Junie's out (theatres, church, etc.) in the foyer.


Andrea said...

Your kids are so cute, Darla! And grown up! You are such a fun mom - always taking your kids out and doing fun things. Good luck with school! You are amazing to do all that!

Emily said...

Love school. A lot. So much. The end.