Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surprise visit

I came home last night to a surprise visitor (my cousin Kami!) visiting from Kentucky. I couldn't believe it...totally caught offguard. Yes, she'd sent me a message on facebook a few days prior mentioning she was coming through.., but when that was, I didn't know. I had just spent the evening with the kids at the park so Geof. could get some work done on the computer and so consequently, I'd left the house (mostly the kitchen) in a state of disaray. I HATE that (when your house is a mess and people show up without you knowing...)!! I'm kidding, Kami. No biggie. We pulled it together and had a wonderful time. I hadn't seen Kami for 6 years (SIX YEARS?!) and it was totally comfortable-no awkwardness at all. Loved having cousin time. Wish we had more visitors out here..
Although it rained most of the morning, we decided to take Kami to a few of our favorite spots in Richmond before she left for Florida (she was on a month long leave from her "assignment" as a drill sergeant with the Army) to go to Disneyland for a week.

We took her to Hollywood Cemetery. Here's a little bit about this historical place. Among the important people interred there are two American presidents, John Monroe, the fifth president and John Tyler, the tenth. Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States, is also buried there as is his son and daughter. There are also 25 confederate generals buried on the grounds. That is more than any other cemetery. (I just copied those last 3 sentences from another web site). The fall colors were in full...bloom? Just beautiful..

It was the perfect October outing. We wanted to take the kids at night..but unfortunately, they don't stay open that late. (; Come on! You'd do that to your 6, 4, and 2 yr. olds, wouldn't you?

Then we took a walk down Monument Avenue. Click on the link for more info.
...if you want. Richmond is full of things to do! I was telling Kami it's overshadowed by D.C. and other east coast cities, but it's worth the visit if you take the time. Thanks for coming, Kami! We love you!

This was taken a few days ago. June had refused to take her afternoon nap, and around 4, when Cole gets home, she had thrown a fit about something (not unusually at all for her) and thrown herself on the floor. Cole and I started working on his homework and ignored her (the only way to get her to stop). She quieted down and just lay there and after a few minutes, I look over at her and find her fast asleep...on the cold, hard, tile floor. I carried her to her soft, warm bed and she woke up an hour later crankier than ever!


Mindi said...

That cemetery looks awesome!!

Emily said...

Yay for visitors! Someday it will be us, SO HELP ME! That cemetary and all the history, I can't even handle it. The fall colors are gorgeous there, dad gone it I wanna come!

Brooke said...

I love those pictures. You look beautiful!

Walnut said...

how does June stick to the ceiling like that