Monday, October 12, 2009

My cousin Ivy and her good friend Emily (and husband Burke) came down this weekend so the girls and I (and baby Christian) could go to Time Out for Women. It was great to see Ivy and Emily. They only live 2 hours north, but you'd think it was a lot further. The program was more of a "feel good", fun, girl's weekend than a doctrinal, spiritual, Education Week experience. Some of the speakers were better than others, but it was a nice break...although I feel like I've had plenty of breaks and Geof.'s been watching the kids overtime.
Anyway, afterward Geof. and Burke met us at the Richmond Folk Festival where they had a petting zoo. The kids could of stayed there all day..


Emily said...

What fun! Cole looks at those animals with dreamy eyes, does he need a pet?! (Don't do it!) Time Our For Women sounds really nice. They came to Anchorage just after we moved up last year, I didn't go but wish I'd been able too. If anything it's great for a girls weekend...those are the best. When's ours?!

J9 said...

How fun! I wish I had known about that. I have a few kids who would have loved the petting zoo!

Emily said...

Thanks for the fun weekend!! We had a great time down there and it was great to see you and your kiddos again!