Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Geof. surprised me with tickets to U2 last Thursday night. Oh, it was amazing! By far the best concert I've EVER been to (I guess that wouldn't be too hard to beat since i've been to so little). However, I LOVED it, as did Geof. The band's obviously been together forever and it shows. They're extremely generous to the audience (2 encores!) and it seems to be completely 2nd nature for them to perform. I'm so glad we got to do it! Anyway, here's some pics and a video.
THe pic of June with the helmet was just one of those times where your kid looks so ridiculous (and cute) that you can't help but snap a pic.
My sister Amy sent me the youtube link. PLEASE watch it. I woke up Geof. this morning because I was laughing so loud I had tears running down my cheeks. You either love or hate cats (I happen to be a lover), but this definately fits a cat's personality. Too funny!


Emily said...

Can't say enough about how awesome it is you went that concert, I think about it and I wasn't even THERE! I love the pictures of you both there, you can tell how excited and amazed you are. Junie is a doll, as always!

Gina said...

You guys are great for eachother! Don't you agree?

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Miss you guys . . . Great to see your family photos and keep up with your great experiences. Dad and Mom

Jessica said...


I was way behind on your blog. I just got caught up and I loved reading all about you and your cute family. You guys are so adventurous, especially with three kids. Sometimes I want to crawl into a ball and never leave my house and I only have 2 kids. You are making memories to last a lifetime, so good for you guys.