Friday, December 18, 2009


While digging through our file cabinet (which doubled as a storage box during out 9 months in WA), I found this D pin. This was one of the few things I got from my dad's mom after she passed away. I guess I was the only "D" grandchild (out of 50+). My grandma's name was Dorothy. Dayne's middle name is Dorothy. I'm so glad I found the pin. I love it.

It started snowing tonight. Although Dayne is still in recovery mode, she insisted going outside in raingear to jump. I was very surprised at the amount of snow we had. Richmond doesn't produce snow very often--and when it does, it's very short lived. Dayne came in shorty after crying with frozen hands..

Cole's last day of school brought him home with the excited, "I can play my X-BOX for 2 weeks straight!!" I don't think so Cole. Sorry...
(um.., please don't look at the nasty vacuum and mini tramp in the background. We've recently moved all our stuff into the "playroom" and it's become a very cozy living space.)

We went to Cole's school today for lunch. I couldn't get June to take off this filthy Santa hat she found on a stuffed "Mushu" dragon.

Cole's pregnant teacher who's literally about to burst. Sweet woman.

The girl to the right of Cole is in love with him. He loves her too. They're good friends. (Scary, right?!)


Emily said...

June's uninterrupted babbling in the background of the video is hilarious! dayne's frozen hands, however, are not...we know all about that. Eden's learned the hard way that gloves are meant to stay on at all times. I'm glad though that Dayne's feeling well enough to go outside and play. I love that pic with your "D" pin too, it's beautiful.

Marisa said...

The "D" pin is beautiful! What a special little memento from Grandma Dot.

Heidi Crosby said...

I didn't know that your D pin had so much meaning behind it when Corbin was sucking on it today. I'm so sorry! I'm glad we got it out of his mouth before long, though! Thanks for helping us get out of the house today. We had a great time!