Friday, December 18, 2009

too funny not to post

Although I'm sure she cherished the 20 minutes or so that she had outside with her big bro. in the snow, she didn't come in as happy as I anticipated. "It hurts!" (referring to her hand). Poor thing. She was happy within minutes as she got a warm bath out of it all..


Wilson Family said...

Poor girl, hey I am sorry to hear of her surgery poor girl..I have a niece that just had that done in the summer. She had both sides done and I have 3 neices with the reflux problems..our nephrologist says it is more common in boys but in our family it seems to be more common in the girls. I had our daughter checked years ago and she has lucked out.I have been told it is genetic as well.Poor girl. Hope she recovers quickly.

Shelby said...

awww, its so cute! one day she's going to kill your for that, hahaha :)

see you tomorrow night!