Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cole's growing. Noticed that he's outgrown 4 pairs of his pants. Can't believe he's in his 8th year! And he already acts like a stinky teenager sometimes (meaning, I'm not the center of his world....sad.)
Dayne trying to desribe a girl in the gym daycare to me:
"Mom, she's like a big girl"
me: "Oh, that's nice"
Dayne: "No, like a big woman."
me: "Is she an older woman, Dayne?"
Dayne: "No, like a bigger woman girl"
Finally, Cole: "Mom, she's like an 11 or 12 yr. old".
Me: "Oh, like a teenager?"
Them: "No!"

I'm not very good at helping my kids express themselves. It's always been a challenge for me too, kids. Sorry.

The girls joined Geof. and I on a "date" to do one of Geof.'s appraisal appts down in Emporia, VA. It was a little over an hour and a half south of us close to the N. Carolina border. I've never been to N. Carolina. Always wanted to go. At one point, I wanted to live there. Anyway, the house was absolutely perfect. Big porch, back porch, hardwood floors, huge windows, backed up to a park. Perfect. And only $78,000. I want that house. Geof. says you can have the greatest house, but it won't change the neighborhood. Yes, it was a bad neighborhood. And, a tiny town with little to no industry. sad.

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Joan said...

Darla, that house sounds great! Just wait until your kids get older and you try to understand what they are saying and they tell you, "you're just old Mom". Doesn't get any better. How is your knee?