Friday, February 26, 2010


She's two and a half, and throws tantrums like you wouldn't believe, but I'm still so in love. She's talking a lot more now and says the funniest things. We're always laughing. I was singing at dinner last night (we do a lot of that in our home) and she says, "Stop singing mom. That's my song." Everything is hers, apparently. And she likes lettuce! I'm so happy! This kid has always been more into fruits and veggies than the other two, but I didn't realize she would eat a raw piece of lettuce.., and keep going. She ate a whole dry salad yesterday. I was so happy I almost cried.


Hurliman Family Blog said...

She is still the cutest thing!!!! Her and Garrett can eat veggies together every day when they are married. Riley on the other hand I think will be more like Dayne-- I give her a sippy cup with water or formula in it and she has no idea what to do with it. But I give her juice and she is suddenly a sippy cup pro!

jerusharen said...

Thanks for the updates. I like writing down the funny things they say too.

DARLA said...

My lovely girls. Darla you need to add that header to the permanent pics on the blog.

Brind+Julia said...

Oh my goodness, chatty thing! How precious is she?! I miss that kiddo... she is so big now. And seriously, her "My Daddy" song is too cute!

Emily said...

She is the most beautiful girl! I'm so excited to spend time with all your kids. The salad clip is unreal!

Gina said...

That is comical that her eating her salad almost made you cry.
Keep singing darla! Your kids will be better for it.
A woman in RS commented that she would always sing while she worked around the house. And her kids to this day don't remember her working they just remember her singing. That will be you!