Monday, July 19, 2010

Another good concert!!

Geof.'s boss's boss won tickets to see Dave Matthews in VA Beach tomorrow night. And he can't go! And Geof.'s boss Seth doesn't like Dave, so guess who the tickets trickled down to? Yes! And when I went to look at the time and location, I saw that Amos Lee is opening for them. I think I might like him even more than Dave Matthews, himself. So, good news!! And June turned 3 on July 5th. We didn't do much to celebrate in CA, but did have a little family celebration with donut holes and Polly Pocket surprises that she calls, "Her happy birthday parties". It's so funny. Today she and Dayne were "bathing" them in the sink, and June yells out, "Mom! Dayne took my happy birthday parties! They're MINE happy birthday parties..". No, she still hasn't grown out of the "mine" stage. Any suggestions?

Oh, I can't WAIT to see Dave scream like THIS!


Hurliman Family Blog said...

Oh you get to see AMOS LEE!!!! You are one lucky gal! I would love, love, love to see him!!! I hope you have so much fun and think of Garrett when you hear "sweet pea" it is his favorite song!!!! I have called him that since he was born and when he first heard that song he said "mom this song is about me. How did this man know that?" so cute the things kids say like Happy birthday parties!

JustinGilbert said...

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