Friday, July 16, 2010

Trip out west-part I

Warning: pics are not in order. We arrived home a few days ago. We had such a nice trip out to CA and WA. We flew into San Fran (the kids were impressed with the cockpit of the plane. I, on the other hand, couldn't help but think how much I dislike aviation) and had a few days with my sister Amy and her family. It was a short visit--only 3 days or so, but always so easy and comfortable staying with the Calls. Dayne's ear ruptured the 2nd day we were there which resulted in her crying all night long and feeling terrible througout the day. Day three we took her to the ER and got some antibiotics and drops. Yucky. We did go to the beach in San Fran and a great park that looks over the city (notice the pic I snapped of the couple getting married? What an amazing view!). At the beach, Junie snuggled up with Aunt Amy who stayed out of the sand while Dayne sat pathetically in the stroller with a wool hat on most of the time covering her infected ears (ouch!..). And crazy Cole ran around like a mad man in the waves with his twin cousins Lydia and Thea. It was freezing!!
Steve and I were pretty impressed with the kite surfers. They get their kites going and then jump on the boards and take off into the ocean at amazing speeds. Some day, I tell myself, someday. I noticed that most of them looked like older guys, healthy, but at least 50-60 years old. Geof. and I have time..
We went to a park the first day and the air felt so cool and clean. You miss that coming from muggy, hot Richmond. Dayne and Cole were obsessed with little Peggy Sue, the Call's dog. She looks like a little Mexican street dog. She put up with my kids carrying her around by her neck and burying her in the sand, so I think they'll keep her. (; Dayne was in heaven with cousin Daphne braiding and brushing her hair constantly (why is it that anyone and EVERYONE else can comb and style her hair but she screams and cries every time I even get near her hair?!). Each night they all slept with a different cousin. Pure heaven.

Brother in law Steve drove us down to Folsom after our time in the bay area. We spent a day or two with my parents before heading up to WA. Things were warmer our in Folsom and we were able to see my gparents at their home where I have so many wonderful memories, go out to chinese food (a definite family tradition) with them, my parents, and my aunt and uncle, and then skip some rocks with Grandpa George at American River. Oh, and I did get to go to the Sacramento temple. Beautiful. Hm...this just doesn't sound very interesting, does it? Too distracted with my kids running all over the place. Well, enjoy the pics.. Stay tuned for more WA trip details!


Emily said...

Loved the sweet picture of you with your grandparents, Dayne is totally photogenic and gorgeous, can't even handle June's adorable locks, and so jealous of your SF time...take me there right now!

Romney Family said...

How fun!! The kids and I went to San Fran to stay with Ben and LaDonna Counihan a couple of summers ago and we went to that same park you guys went to. It is so neat and the kids were in heaven. How fun to get to spend time with family