Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heaven..or Camp Nauvoo?

I'm so behind on blogging about our trip. And truthfully, these are important memories that I don't want to forget. When we got back from WA, we had a few days to get ready for my mom's side (Sellers) family reunion to Camp Nauvoo, a church owned campground up in El Dorado Hills, CA, that I've been going to since I was tiny. Geof. met us there the first night and he and I both agreed that we didn't think we'd ever have the opportunity to see our kids experience Camp Nauvoo (it's for sale) and we were SOO glad they did. What wonderful memories I have of this place!! Secretly, I'm hoping the church will change their mind or some members will buy it and we can continue our memories. How fun it was to see my kids doing the exact same things I did growing up; rowing up and down the creek on the rafts, finding and catching crawdads, painting faces at the "paint rock" (water and different colored rocks makes the best paint, really), hiking, horseshoes, yummy meals in the mess hall, piano playing, smores, campfires, and a Seller's favorite, skit night! June could not be persuaded to come down and insisting on staying up on stage during the rest of the skits. No shyness there. We all slept wonderfully (that in itself is a miracle) and hope to go back to Camp Nauvoo for many, many years!

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Emily said...

Although I've only been there the one time with you, how sad that they're selling it! You should buy it! What a fun day that was, Owen still talks about the huge blackberries we glad you got to go at least once more.
PS Could Amy and her girls be any more beautiful?!