Friday, August 6, 2010

Not so pretty..

Now, if you don't care or agree, don't watch and PLEASE don't call me a fear monger. However, I do think it's vital that we continually WAKE our senses to this stuff. This "truth", in my opinion. It's overwhelming, it's hard to be believe, yet the proof is out there and pretty obvious (failing health, new diseases, diseases worsening, increased infertility (haven't you NOTICED?), autism, cancer, etc.). So many of my thoughts have been on this topic recently due to an increased desire to "feel better". Don't we all want to feel better? Please share this video!


Hurliman Family Blog said...

okay now I am never going to eat again!!!!! Way to get me on a diet Darla!!! I know we need to eat healthier for just the sake of eating healthier but I guess I need to hear this and realize how a quick chicken nugget isn't worth it's quickness....... Thanks for the info!! I had heard a few things before but wow the backup on this info in unreal!!!

Marisa said...

I had no idea what Aspartame was until your sister Amy and I were talking about my migraines and she made me realize that I used to eat a ton of it! I was all about the "sugar-free" stuff, like gum, Crystal Lite, sugar-free jello or pudding, etc... and it's so not worth it. I cut all the Aspartame out of my diet and have not had a migraine since. That stuff is lethal!

Our Blog Spot said...

Oh my gosh, I totally am so into this.

Chris and I talk about this all the time (not so much about the government involvement, but HOW/WHAT we eat) is so important, especially with all the weird problems we have had.

Our generation has so many issues. Diseases, infertility, etc. Our parents ate more whole foods, because that was what was available. However, our generation is all shot to hell, because our parents didn't know any better, and fed us all these new fancy products, fast food, etc. Now look at us??

Yes, yes, yes. I loved this.