Thursday, November 25, 2010

a little bit of cousin time before thanksgiving.

Here we are on Thanksgiving day. It's kinda nice celebrating this particular holiday a few days early..makes for a lot less stress in my opinion. Geof.'s little brother Brind, his wife Julia, and their baby Violet drove all the way from Kansas (19 hrs I believe?!) to get here!! I hope our crazy house didn't scare them off.

Cole, Dayne, and June adored "baby Violet", which is easy to do since she's the happiest little girl on earth. Fun times.

We ate our Thanksgiving meal on Tues. evening, went on an adult only date to see Harry Potter, drove to Jamestown and took a free ferry across the James (this was SO much fun..and did I mention, free?), and lucky for us, Brind and Julia introduced us to "Better Off Ted". Very funny..especially sitting next to Geof. and Brind whose laughter causes me to chuckle just hearing it. So, Kansas Bennett clan, thank you for sacrificing 4 days of driving to come see us, you 4 (Julia's pregnant)!

And the last pic all the way down there..? Geof. and I went to DC and biked for 36 miles from Roosevelt Island to Mt. Vernon and back. The trail follows the Potomac and was just as we imagined, beautiful. I am so happy being with Geof. and doing what we love most...which is playing outside (in case you were wonderin').


GeorgeAndBethness said...

Just checking in on Turkey day to say we miss and love all of you. Wish you were here. You all look so healthy and beautiful. Fenton is here for awhile on the mend. . .Love Dad and Mom

.From Her. said...

Remember that one time that you drank the magic water in the mountain, so that you would forever be young and beautiful??

Were you a character in Tuck Everlasting??

Emily said...

Love a good family visit! and I LOVED with a capital L these pictures, your girls and their short hair are just beautiful, their faces...and kudos on the super long bike ride, what a fun thing for the 2 of you to do!

Gina said...

I am glad you were not alone for thanksgiving. Those are all neat pictures. You guys never seem to have a boring moment, am I right? I heard geof's parents will be alone for christmas this year. I hope they know what to do with themselves. My parents will be completely alone as well. I hope you have a good christmas season, you beautiful lady you! love gina