Sunday, November 14, 2010

to date..

We are in the "prime" of our fall foliage here in Richmond. Absolutely beautiful clear (and pleasantly warm) days and cold nights. Here's our Halloween pics (and a few of Gma teaching the kids how to braid bread and make yummy cinnamon rolls).

A doggie, Cleopatra, and a Jedi. Happy kids.


Linda said...

way to go with the costumes! Looks like fun!

Joan said...

Cute costomes. I love that chest hair on Cole!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

Okay so I love the costumes. tell dayne I said she looked gorgeous. When did Cole's hair get that blonde? Maybe its just longer in that pic so it looks blonder?? You look happy and beautiful and I love Leannes hair in this last pic it's so wispy and stylish! Happy FALL!!!