Thursday, February 17, 2011

almost 9 years?!

geof. and i went out tonight for a late valentine/early anniversary date. what we chose to do? a bike ride in richmond and some yummy greek food in our favorite part of the city. can't beat that, in our opinion.

things i thought about tonight while riding around with geof. (yes, in random order): *how good his legs looked
*how lucky i am that he's so good (yes, he's a good cyclist, but i was talking about his naturally 'good' nature)
*that i've known him half my life. i'm 32! i met him my 16th summer. i didn't realize it then, but my heart loved him even then.
*although the first 7 years of our marriage were hard (not the marriage part, just the rest of it), i would do it all over again knowing i had geof.

*i'm so glad we feel strongly about most of the same things. i love talking to geof. i could live in the middle of nowhere with him because there's nobody i'd rather spend ALL my time with.
*he prays. a lot. that's a comfort to know my husband is humble enough to acknowledge a higher power and want to feel and know Him.
*he's only 30. so young! and he takes care of himself. i hope that means we have many more years together.
*he's always making me laugh. thank you for that, geof.!
*he's such a smarty pants. a real thinker. i'm a follower and scared to even form opinions, many times. he's not. a very attractive trait.
*doesn't judge others. a loyal, true friend.

*adores me. i always said i had to marry a guy i knew adored me. and he does. so nice. (:

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Marisa said...

Way to present your reasons for loving your husband in an endearing and non-disgusting way. You guys are awesome.

Lindsay said...

awwww, you guys are cute. what a fun night out and what awesome weather you had.

julie said...

awww...sweet. merv and i recently went to valentines party had to fill out a questionaire(sp). one of the questions was: what is your perfect date? there were 4 or 5 options and merv and i both choose a bike ride and picnic.

The Gilberts said...

You guys are a great couple! Your openness and sense of humour has always been so refreshing to us. Its great when two people are still excited with each other after all the years... Congrats on 9 years!

Emily said...

Great tribute to Geof. But you forgot to mention his amazing rendition of O Canada!! If that doesn't invoke feelings of love between you, I don't know what would! ;0)

Such a perfect date for you guys, I need to live closer to you so you can make me be more active. I really admire that about you both!

How were the valentine cheescakes?!

lindsey said...

you guys fit. for sure.