Wednesday, February 16, 2011

here we are

Let's just shoot off my thoughts right now. First of all, I'm feeling good, feeling happy..., so despite what I might type in the next few minutes, just know that I AM happy. Right now, at least. Dayne's bawling in the other room because I made her wash her hands. I always make her wash her hands after school. Why is it that EVERY DAY she cries about it. Maybe I should be hugging her and snuggling on the couch with a book. That's what a good mom would do. Give me a minute.

I went to the gym today and took an EXTREMELY hard TRX class that left me feeling worthless. I couldn't even do one push up at that end. And I'm pretty decent at push ups! And instead of feeling pumped up and motivated to take that class again and again until I can conquer it (although you never really conquer this particular instructor's insane classes), I felt down right mad and depressed that I couldn't finish the class; that I actually had to leave and use the restroom half way through (sp?) cuz I felt so sick. Geof. met me at the gym and showed no sympathy for my whining. He says Cole and I are just alike and if we can't do something relatively well the first time we try it, then we have no patience for it, or for ourselves. Kind of a lame trait. Gotta work on that. And then afterward Geof. and I decided to take a Tai Chi class together that was nothing but boring, boring, BORING. Not that I don't think Tai Chi could be interesting and extremely beneficial--just not the way this instructor was doing it. Too much talking with us standing around waiting to begin.

And then when I was leaving the gym, the workers at the front desk informed me that my van was hit. Luckily, it's fixable and the guy who hit it did fess up to the deed and will be paying. Good thing, right?

And now it's dinner time and my kitchen is a mess and I gotta read to and snuggle with Dayners.

bye (but I'm happy, remember?). And our weather is perfect right now!

Geof. doesn't want me discussing our taxes on here so we deleted the part about having to pay MUCH more than we thought. So, for those who are confused with the comments made below..there you have it.


Tricia said...

aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh. That tax part is the biggest bummer of all.

Lisa said...

My kids are the same way with some of the stuff I make them do everyday. I keep wondering when they'll figure out that crying about it doesn't do anything!

Sorry about the taxes, that sucks!

J9 said...

WOW!!! That really stinks about taxes....time to have a few more kids to build up those tax credits! Although that just might bring on more stress than the taxes!

Joan said...

I loved your post! Now that's real life. Does the instructor really do all the stuff she has you do?