Sunday, February 13, 2011

Conversations with the girls

Dayne: "Mom, who do you think is the most nicest, Jesus or the New Year's Baby?"
no waiting for my response...
"I think it goes like this: first, Jesus, then Santa, then the New Years Baby, then Heavenly Father. No, Heavenly Father first and then Jesus."

Me: "Cole, my phone just died, could you get my chord?"
June: "It died?" (look of disbelief) "Aah, mom! Why'd you do that to your phone?"

While wiping June on the toilet (too much info?) she looks over in the garbage can at a broken piece of her dolly's stroller, "Mom, did this break?" Me: "Yes, it broke off your stroller. Keep it in the garbage." June: "Oh, poor yittle fellow."


Lindsay said...

oh man i love the things that little kids say. these are hilarious. you'll be glad you wrote them down. just think how fun it will be to go back several years from now and read this stuff. priceless.

Emily said...

Oh, what adorable little girls you have! June's "y"ittle voice must be the sweetest thing ever! and I love Dayne's curiosity...isn't it funny to listen and watch them reason through things?

The Gilberts said...