Monday, May 14, 2012

April and May

My kids were asked to be models for a photo workshop that a well known and pretty impressive Utah photographer (Nichole Van) put on out here in Richmond. They were looking for older models (Cole's age and up) but were happy to have any at all when I showed up with my brood.

It was a lot of fun to watch and the setting was of course beautiful. Maymont Park..I've mentioned it a few times.  ;)
There was about 8 photographers and Nichole told me that I should be getting all the pics from the shoot. I'm still waiting..

June in a sunny spot eating Pirate's Booty. Happiest girl ever (notice the tissue shoved in her shirt? Her allergies were bad that day and I was sick of wiping snot when she sneezed..).
On our way to VA Beach.

A little ombre look for ya..

Dayne all pretty on her 7th birthday.

June singing "Castle on a Cloud" for the 50th time. She's all ready for next year's talent show, have ya heard? ;)

We couldn't be happier with this dogwood tree in our front yard. It scoots right up to our front porch, giving us a little more privacy, and the kids have a ball climbing it and hanging from its branches.

Nice, Dayne. June prefers Dayne to do her hair over me.
We had kittens. 5 of them. I walked in my closet last week to put clothes away and Lizzie had JUST given birth. What a surprise (knew she was pregnant..but didn't know she was ready!). Tried to keep it a secret from the girls until they were a little chance. Dayne found them on day 2 and came running out of my room with a little one in her hands screaming, "We had kittens! We had kittens!". So far, she and June have done better than I'd imagined (I imagined the worse).

Dayne dropped June's necklace into a garbage can at Cole's soccer game. She tried going in after it by jumping off the top of the bleachers IN TO the can..hitting her mouth on the bleacher on the way down. Lots of high-volumed wailing from this girl. Not happy. 


The Gilberts said...

Did I miss the link for the full photo shoot? can't wait to see them-- your kids are modelicious!

ivyjeanne said...

LOVE the pic of your hair with the bangs!! I want to trim my bangs short(er) again but nervous with all the humidity. I may have to wait a few months and just keep twisting them back so they don't look so bad. Did you really "ombre" your hair or is it natural? Mine kinda looks that way just because it's growing out! ;)