Wednesday, May 2, 2012

  • Went to VA Beach camping this past weekend. A birthday tradition for Dayne (did I mention she's SEVEN?!).Cold and rainy but still glad to be out. Met up with two families from our ward and some good friends who now live in VA Beach. Love my friend, Eliza and her sweet family of boys. She and her husband Freddy spoiled us rotten on Sunday and fed us yummy food while we all sat around lazily watching AFV. It was awesome.

June (and Dayne) crushed on newly ordained deacon, Camden from our ward. 

Dayne strolled the beach far and wide (shivering) collecting treasures.

(teeth chattering)

Dayne and Enzo (Eliza's).

We tried boiling eggs but it took too long so we set them directly over the fire. It worked. Kind of.

Dayne turned seven yesterday and requested German Pancakes for breakfast. She wore a beautiful, pink ballerina-like dress ($5 at Ross!) to school and was loved and adored by all her classmates (even the mean boy who told her she was getting too much attention. I later told her boys do that when they like you and don't know how to be nice.).  She seemed to be perfectly content with how the day went until at the end of night, quite late, she announced, "Why haven't you and Dad made me cards for my birthday?". Duh. Why hadn't we? I mean, Dayne makes cards for EVERYONE! If she had a love language, that would be it! So after watching an episode of Madmen, we sat in bed and tried our hardest to make cards worthy of this little girl's LOVE.

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