Sunday, March 15, 2015

And then a few months passed..

..and I felt this urge to write.  To somehow encapsulate my kids in the stage they are now...which is swiftly fleeting. Cole is 12! My baby is twelve. Yes, I know I've already posted about his bday, but I still can't get over that we have an almost teenager in the house. And I can sincerely say that I feel I'm becoming a better mom to Cole and that's nice. So nice. I've let go of all the guilt that constantly nagged at me and didn't even help the situation. What a waste! So freeing to let go of it and accept the present situation, what's happening, and to just live. I did pull Cole out of school two weeks ago, and although I've had to threaten him a few times that I'd send him back to school, overall, it's been a good thing and I'm seeing a much happier, more confident boy. He's excited and possibly a little anxious for our move to Spokane. I hope he thinks of it as a fresh start and a time to make some lasting Friendships. When we drove back from out west this summer, the kids and I stayed at my best friend from middle school, Tiffany's. We told stories all night and laughed and laughed. I want that for my kids. And I know Cole wants a good friend like that. I also know Cole has a good heart and wants to be Good. I think that's why sometimes he isolated himself from kids at school...just hadn't found a group that had the standards that he was used to living. He has developed some new friendships in the last few months, though. So glad.
Cole's favorite, almost daily thing to do, is to go out back, and either with recycling or leaves, start a fire. We don't mind bc it gets him outside and cleans up our yard. Cole has also always been trustworthy with these kinds of things. He seems to be aware of what is dangerous and what's not. Even more than most kids his age. I appreciate that about him. He's pretty self sufficient. I sure love my Cole boy.

Cole made a three layer carrot cake as part of homeschool. Gosh, home school can be great..
Worker boy. Whether it's shoveling snow or rocks, we've kept Cole busy working these last few months. 
Always up for snuggling Junie. 

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