Sunday, March 15, 2015

..and there's more

Our Dayne..continues on in her creative quests. Geof and I are amazed at what this girl has figured out at a young age: do the necessary (homework, chores, etc) efficiently and without making a fuss, so I can move on to what REALLY interests me (which changes daily; dancing, playdough doll clothing designer, more dancing--which she loves to teach June, and of course duct tape crafting). She is popular at school and happy. Besides her parents, she might have the hardest time leaving Richmond. This year she really has blossomed and I'm afraid to admit that I'm seeing a little bit of a young woman emerge. :((
Lucky to have a heart as kind as Dayne's in our family.

2nd season of basketball. I'm so glad my girls did basketball. I was (am) terrified of this sport. Just want them to be confident. 

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