Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Spokane

And our life has taken a complete 180! We moved to Spokane. We did it. We've been discussing it since Oct.., I came out to visit in Nov.., Geof. in March, and then we moved here in July (Geof. actually came three weeks earlier to get the business started). So far, we are loving Spokane for all the reasons people love Spokane; the outdoors, the beauty, the slower pace of life, etc. It's something we've slow down and relax and not have the schedule we had in Richmond. Geof couldn't be happier to work for himself, and we can't be happier to have daddy around to actually PLAY with. The downside of this move: we miss RVA! What a heartbreaking move it was! To watch Geof. drive away from our first home..from the life we'd made in Richmond (and we really did create a beautiful life) was one of the hardest choices we've ever made. We had wonderful friends, a beautiful home, and the culture of Richmond was something we knew would be hard to beat...which is why we knew we wouldn't be "beating" anything. We knew going into this move that Spokane would be entirely different than Richmond, and awesome for its own reasons..mainly, the incredible outdoors! We've camped, hiked, biked, swam..all of it! And so close. We've missed the mountains..and the west. There is something more laid back and wild about living up here..somewhat like Alaska. There are less "rules" and more independence. It's a good thing. Our ward has been extremely helpful and kind and good. We live up north in a beautiful area..renting for a year. We'll see if we stay, there are so many pretty areas in Spokane! 

Some of our last days in Richmond.

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