Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lest we forget..

June. She won't be forgotten. The girl is extremely stubborn and has become quite a voice in our family. Her opinions WILL be heard! She's also extremely loving and lovable (as always), and although she demands we take her seriously, she doesn't take any of us seriously. She laughs and giggles (mostly at or with Cole) whenever Geof or I are trying to teach a point, and it's almost impossible to get angry with her. June, thank you for always being such a light to our family. You goof!

When I cut my hair. June brought my pony tail to church mutual that night and was fascinated with it. Had to show everyone. 
She's taking regular piano lessons now and has good posture and strong fingers! 
Basketball. She picked it up!! Made six baskets in one game!
Bon Air's got Talent. Sang, That's No Way to treat a Ladybug, with her friend, Caroline. 
My favorite lunch date. 
Cousin Brielle, Kendall's youngest. 
Finally! Her own AG doll! (;  

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