Sunday, June 14, 2009

our date

Our date last night. I'll write about it later..
And, it's later. I tried to get Geof. on here to post about our date, since he's better with words and describing, but he didn't/couldn't find the time. So here I am. Our date was wonderful. A date with your husband is always wonderful when your time is consumed with three little ones. Oh, thank you babysitters! We went out to eat (I ate, Geof. watched..he's been eating before dates for a while now) and then went to a yummy homemade icecream shop and got Geof.'s favorite, brownie sundae. This time he ate, I watched (mostly). Ever since I started running-on a regular basis- I haven't been able to eat sweets as much as I used to, or would like to. (; I'm way too groggy in the morning. I find that if I'm done eating for the night around 6 pm, it makes for a great run in the morning. All is well. Any later than that and I feel quite yucky, almost like my food from the night before isn't completely digested. After not finishing our too rich dessert, we went to our favorite theatre, The Byrd (only $1.99!) to watch Duplicity. The movie was fine, but it was the experience that we enjoyed more. It's a great old theatre that I believe they're almost in the process of restoring. Click on the link for better pics than ours. Every Friday and Sat. night, this guy puts on a pretty impressive show with the organ. He's fantastic! As I mentioned in our little video, I'm thinking of asking him to play for our ward meetings since our organist plays so extremely slow, it's painful I tell ya! I'm kidding..not about her playing slow, but about asking him. (I think I possibly scared Geof. with that one).
I joked with Geof. that I don't laugh at him like I used to. Not because he's not funny, but because we've been married longer and I'm more used to him. He didn't like that comment. He tried hard to make me laugh that night.

Dates are so important. Once a week dates. I can't imagine a marriage failing when you push for these. Thank you, Geof. for feeling the same way I do..., and loving me despite my irritating habits and personality defects. };


Gina said...

You guys are such a good example of dating and keeping it alive.

Jen said...

we miss you! I sure enjoy your blog and seeing all the fun things you and your family are up to. I can see why you wanted to go back to Virginia. The kids really enjoyed the clip of the organ. I think they watched it like 10 times. Thanks for the entertainment!