Thursday, June 18, 2009

family, early mornings, and tantrums

My close to perfect SIL Mindi (sorry Mind, but it's true!) gave me the idea to make this family poster for fhe on Monday. We chose a family motto: "If you want to be happy, be", by Theo whateverhislastnameis, a scripture: Mosiah 2:41, and then cut out pics of what makes us happy as a family. It turned out okay. Geof. was half asleep throughout the whole event (he's come down with something), but the kids loved it. Check out Mindi's. Great post to go along with it, as well. Thank you for the great idea, sister! I think we'll try and do these more often. I came home from running an errand yesterday and asked Geof. where June was since when I left she'd been napping. He said, "I dunno. She ran off to one of the rooms crying." This is how we found her. The close up pic was supposed to be last. Oh well, you get the idea..

I'm pretty positive Cole had woken her up, and she had thrown a horrendous fit and ran to my room and in an attempt to get on my bed, fallen asleep.

I did the girls hair this morning (yes, it's sad that I don't usually) and had to post it. Should of gotten a better pic of June's hair in braids! Gettin' so long! And fortunately, (I guess!) Dayne's bangs our growing out. I requested that Geof.'s sister Ellynn cut them short, real short, but too many people think she cut them herself. I guess that's not a good sign?? I love Dayne's crazy curly hair, and I thought the short bangs just added to the funkiness. Geof. hated them, though, and he's in charge. (;


Brind+Julia said...

Darla, I'm so embarrassed that this is the only way I know how to contact you! Anyway, I'm having a baby shower on the 27th and although I assume you can't come, I still wanted you to get an invite so we sent one off but it came back in the mail today because I put the wrong zip code. I'm sorry! But I want you to know that we are still mourning your loss and miss you all so much!
- Julia

lindsey said...

i'm so impressed that your bed is made! i rarely get to that.

Emily said...

Oh June, that is too funny! Love the FHE idea, I wonder if my kids would even sit still for that, Owen's a bit of a church rebel these days, worrisome but hopefully he gets it out of his system while he's little! Your girls faces are too sweet!

Mindi said...

The idea for the poster came from Le Anne. Don't you ever accuse me of being "nearly perfect" again!