Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our pool

We spend a great deal of time here..and I'm sure even more when the sun gets hotter. Richmond's funny, it's hot all morning and early afternoon, and then the storm clouds come in as soon as I'm ready to take the kids swimming. We don't mind. Last week we were the only family there! It was fabulous.
Baby pool, lifeguard and all! I can just sit and read my smutty magazines ALL day if I want. Not even one glance up to check on the beebs. (;


Emily said...

Now that's the life! How sad that there are ZERO outdoor pools in Alaska...waaaaaaaah! Remember the seven peaks days? So miss them!

George said...

Darla, You do fine as a writer sweetheart. I took a journalism class once and the instructor said that the best way to improve as a writer was to keep a daily journal and write in in frequently. Keep up what you are doing. We all love your words and the great pictures. Love, Dad