Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Steve's visit and a lot of pics!

My sister Amy's husband Steve was in D.C. on business all last week and made the trip down Thurs. to play with us for the day. Here's the photo documentary to prove it. Wish I was more clever and could type up some funny post to make you and myself laugh years later. Not happening. I was thinking today while folding clothes that I should take a writing class since I'm always without words to express. It drives me crazy! And, it would be fun. So, we'll see. I have so many classes to take..

thought I'd get a pic of the guys on the couch with my finished wall. Whatd'ya think? Tacky? I like it and plan on adding a few more pics and some blue accent pillows. Not just any blue...kind of a grey/green blue. See wreath below. See the little bit of blue in there? That's the color I wanna bring out. We painted two walls a light mustardy yellow and the other two beige. Turned out nice.

Steve went with Geof. to do a few jobs and they came back STARVING, so we took Steve to our new favorite restaurant downtown, Bottoms Up Pizza. You know the one right next to the train? Yummy, YUMMY pizza and a relaxing atmosphere. Especially with kids!
Oh Cole! You're happy, admit it! Such a Geof face.
You want this straw mom, right?
Steve!! Steve married Amy when I was 13, I believe. He's kind of like a father/older brother figure to me. He and Amy have been so great to us.

I was happy the train came by when we finished up eating. The kids LOVED it!

June really loved the treat of going out with mom and dad. They were doing some construction/remodeling on the balcony where we ate...June didn't mind. We kept having to pull her out of the "construction zone".
We took a walk down by the river canal afterward. We knew Steve was impressed because he told me NOT to bring Amy down when she comes to visit next week. He didn't want her getting any ideas on moving here..
We'll see, Steve!
Cole (and now Dayne) are obsessed with bugs! Ever since Cole was little, he'd lay on the driveway looking for bugs. Now, when we go to the pool, he spends more time slowly, cautiously, creeping around trying to catch dragonflies. It's hysterical, because other kids will notice and come barging up to play and they always scare away his prey. Can I say that, prey? Whatever...the thing he's trying to catch. Better? Anyway, so here they were looking at some spider crawling on the railing. Lucky for them, we find at least one cockroach a day in our house. We have more caulking to do in the bathroom (there's some huge holes in the floorboards that the landlord didn't care to fix) that'll hopefully keep the bugs out.

Almost 2 June refused the stroller and NO WAY was she gonna be held. It was the longest walk ever..and pretty humid at that!
Another reason why Geof. is the favorite.
Some cool monument thingee that Geof. knows the history behind. I just like the turquoise cross. Love turquoise.

Oh my goodness, were the girls thrilled to find this fountain (Cole was too, might I add..he just had to use the restroom)! Sorry about the underwear shot of Dayne. Don't wanna to o-f-f-e-n-d.
Yes, June DID throw the biggest fit when we pealed her off of the fountain edge (it was 8:45 for peets sake!).


Emily said...

I love seeing what Richmond is like. How exciting that Steve and now Amy and Daphne are visiting this summer. When's it my turn?! I'm itching to vacation... maybe, if the job thing for Derek works out like I mentioned, him and I could come down that way for a week or so in the late summer or fall...we're do for a just the 2 of us only trip anyways I think. So funny that Cole is into bugs just like Owen, he does the same thing BTW the freaking out if Eden scares it away while he's zero-ing in on it thing. I could totally picture you having to get June out of the construction zone at the pizza place and Cole's "geof" face was classic! Could this comment be any longer!?

jordan and maci said...

what a fun "meet up." you guys all look great! richmond does look beautiful, but how can you take that humidity?

Steve and Katie Hoffman said...

you realize i love reading your posts because i feel like i am talking to you. it's the best! i laugh at every single one because i can totally hear you saying everything.

i miss you.

Gina said...

Do you do something way fun and cultural everyday? No wonder jakey thinks we are sooo boring.
I think you are so cute and write funny things all of the time. You do not need to doctor up your writing, seriously!
That would be the best to go to a pool and be the only ones.

Walnut said...

not offended. i always play in fountains in just my underwear. sometimes less