Thursday, July 2, 2009

They're here!

My older sister (let me just state for the record that everyone thinks she's younger than me..great) Amy felt bad that she never was able to come visit us when we lived in Richmond before, so as soon as we found out we were moving back, her husband Steve was online looking for flights out. They surprised Daphne, my niece, and she and Amy flew out Sat. I drove up to D.C. by myself (so nice!), went to IKEA, went to the D.C. LDS temple, and savored the alone, quiet time.

Sunday after naps, we went here. We talk about Maymont all the time and are thrilled to be able to show it off to anyone new in town. And we love that it's free (not for long I heard)! Amy and Daph were quite impressed.
On Tuesday night, we brought them here and had a close to perfect evening talking and swimming in the warm river. Soooo great!!

The above pics were taken last night when we went down to a different part of the river to walk down the canal. Geof. saw this group of drunk teenagers rope jumping off this bridge, and immediately tore his shirt off and ran in with Cole following closely behind.
Can you see little Cole swinging from the rope? I wish I knew how to circle him and write on the actual picture itself. He was hilarious! Too bad all those kids around him couldn't keep their language cleaner!

After waiting for what seemed like forever for Geof. to have his turn to jump, we walked over to this bridge that Richmond city has redone into a sort of civil war monument. As you walk along the bridge, little quotes are inlayed (word?) in the bridge itself describing the feelings of local Richmond residents and national leaders when Richmond fell (when the North took over) and was burned.

Just trying to get a normal pic, Cole!! I'm sure he was driving Daph NUTS!

Daphne contemplating what all happened here. (; She's 12 now, so I could be wrong on her thoughts...It's crazy how different she's become!

More pics of the amazing James River.

Amy was scared to death that Dayne or June especially, would jump through the bars. Yes, a few times they came close. Note that in one hand I'm holding on t0 June who was throwing a fit, and with the other, trying to keep Dayne from getting too close.


Marisa said...

I love Amy and Steve's family. You guys are all so cute, and your shirts ever coordinate!

Marisa said...


emily alex sarabia bunch said...

i wish i was there miss u both and love you truly my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

I wanna come too! Amy--you look so pretty, love the adorable accessory in your hair...Darla--Can you please stop showing things like Maymont and James River Park on your blog? You're KILLING me! That's it, I'm on a flight tomorrow! You look beautiful too, BTW.
Derek didn't go for the suggestion that him and I head down there in the fall...I had it all planned out, we were going to fly into D.C. see that sights, rent a car and drive down to Richmond to see you and all without our children, doesn't that sound divine? Not to Derek, however, he's too stressed out about the house and of course, MONEY! Why are him and Geof. so much alike in that way? (although, thank goodness they are...sort of.!) Enjoy the rest of your visit, and is that really Daphne? My word she's grown-up!

George said...

Darla and family,
We are really jealous. As usual, you all look great and quite happy. Did you and Amy ever find our house in Springfield? Love ya and June's gift is in the mail.