Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our June turns 2 today! I would say, "I can't believe it!"..., but I do. Time flies and at the same time moves very s l o w l y when you're raising small children. We sure love our little June-bug, even if she IS transforming into some kind of high pitch, screaming, spoiled, "mine, mine!" type monster. At the same time, she's still the best snuggler, loves giving us all kisses after prayers, says "shoes" in the most adorable voice ever, laughs hysterically at herself and her siblings, and still shows a significant amount of favor towards her (:

I'd post about our 4th of July weekend in D.C., but it'll have to wait until later. Just a quick Dayne quote from today..
~When we got home from D.C., the kids were all starving of course, and I was rummaging through the fridge for something to make and Dayne calls out, "Mom, I want a girl cheese sandwich, and a boy cheese sandwich."
Too funny!!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday June! (I know exactly what you mean about fast AND slow Darla)
Can't wait to hear about celebrating our nations birthday in our nations capital, I was just thinking what a COOL that would be on fourth, so I'm not surprised you guys took advantage of it!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

June is so cute!!! I love her and love that picture so much!!! Yes, I was with your family all day yesterday, I love them! Cory's place was so fun I loved it there. It is as beautiful as you said it was. We wished you were there. Allin all it was a great 4th. I did not think I over did it, but my ankles look like shreck and I am so tired and sore and I swear I did nothing all day but sit! Crazy what pregnancy does. i miss you!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

All in all is what that was supposed to say :)