Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hunstman-mormon or not?

Geof. and I read this article this morning and thought cjane did a perfect job..., just perfect. Wish I could express myself as well.

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Emily said...

While I appreciate most of her well articulated article (and love her blog), I have a hard time with Huntsman's response. It reeks of the typical "political correctness" that drives me crazy about politicians. You know, the "I can't say anything flat-out because I want to cover my bases and pander to both sides". I was disappointed, mainly because our religion, as I understand it, isn't really a half-in, half-out, sometimes yes-other times no, kind of thing. I guess I just expect more from someone who could potentially wield that much influence. CJane's "they're way more mormon than me" because they knit comment in particular was off for me. I realize there's mormon culture and then there's living the gospel and I thought the latter is what we were talking about here. Is he or is he not a practicing latter-day saint? Not does he eat funeral potatoes and scrapbook! And honestly I'd respect either a 'yes' or a 'no' answer, just say something! And I'm sure he will eventually...but his TIME response left much to be desired, for me.

All that said, I think I could actually get on board with his political ideals, if he makes an effort to be more direct and forthcoming in the future, as he appears to be far more moderate than anyone else and that's where I am right now. Truthfully I'm embarrassed by both parties and don't want to claim either! Extreme politics makes me CRAZY!!!

The End.