Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Saturday/Sunday

Geof. and I ran our first (and probably last) mud run on Friday night. Don't get me wrong, it was great. I've never run a race with Geof. before and this was the right one to do because there was lots of time to slow down as we climbed over boulders and stood waiting for others to climb...which was nice because I didn't feel so bad for slowing Geof. down so considerably. It was at Belle Isle which is an area in Richmond we are very familiar with and have ran before..which is probably why we don't feel the need to pay to run it again. It was just what we needed for a date night though; lots of time to talk as we walked to and from the race and even during the run. Makes me remember that I still like Geof. (;
Wish we'd had pics of us right after we finished but our camera was 2 miles away locked away in the car. We probably should've brought it and hid it away somewhere but didn't know what to expect. You had to crawl through a huge mud pit to finish the race so we were pretty covered. Hoses were provided, fortunately.

That night we had some good friends, the Dyckmans spend their last night in Richmond en route to their new home of Austin, Texas. It was so nice to be able to spend some time with them and help them pack up their HUGE truckload of stuff Sat. morning. What a sweet couple they are. I thought about how kind and thoughtful they treated each other (and their kids!)and how Geof. and I could probably live with a little LESS sarcasm and a lot MORE kind words/tones in our home. Thank you Dyckmans for the good reminder!! Why don't we have a pic with you guys?!
Dayne had a bday party Sat. afternoon and was all ready and waiting to go by 830 am Sat. morning. Is she not cute? She loves her cowboy boots.

Sat. night we babysit for our friends who had watched our kids while we did the run (babysitting trades=happy Darla). It had been muggy all day and by evening, the rain began and it was hardcore. The kids stood at the door and begged to go out in their swimsuits. Geof. immediately refused them, and I couldn't resist the fun that couples something as crazy as this. They loved it. They were a muddy mess, but spent a good 20 minutes in the downpour until they all agreed they were freezing and were carried from the back door to the shower. An hour and 6 kids showered and dressed later, we were all happy in front of a movie. There's NOTHING like a VA rainstorm. So fun!!

We are hoping to hear more about our home loan this week! We were pretty unsure there for a while on whether or not we'd even get approved, but we're feeling better after talking to our broker and realizing many times these things just take time! I just hope to be in the house by June! And then I expect at least a family or two visiting per year?! Any takers?


Emily said...

Me, Me, MEEEEEEE!! I'm a taker! It will happen, oh yes it will!

What a fun race and I love that you did it together and as a date night! Is Belle Isle where you took us when we came? the civil war prison place?

Aren't babysitting trades the best? We've been doing that all winter with another couple in our ward and we think it's totally the way to uber expensive babysitting bill, plus date cost and our kids all have fun playing together.

And finally, Dayne has the cutest skinniest legs! She reminds me a lot of Eden-they're facial expressions and so on...

Can't wait for NYC!

Marisa said...

I would love to visit!!

Mindi said...

I think Meagan and Cory did a mud run this weekend too. So fun. I concur with the babysitting trades, the kids think I'm a hero for setting up a play date and then I get free sitting. Love it.

Ashley said...

That rainstorm was awesome!

hann said...

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